12/21/16   Brenda Black Asks Dallas County Quorum Court To Address Grievances


The Dallas County Quorum Court met last night at the Dallas County courthouse to enact the new budget for 2017, the budget ordinances were passed with no dissension. County Treasurer Leslie Nutt gave her financial report to the JP's. She was addressing Susie Williams and Donna Jones who will not be in office when the New Year begins.

Sheriff Stan McGahee made his November report to the JP's and said he's confident he'll be below budget again this coming year.

Sheriff McGahee reported total housing receipts for the month of November at $92,945.00. Total housing billed for the month was $100,989.00. McGahee reported total outstanding housing bills at $164,743.00. $106,134.00 was received in payments this month. Total due is $58,609.00. McGahee also reported $8,440 dollars in bonds and fees collected.  $675.00 from circuit court and fees amounted to $1,455.00.

The Quorum court reappointed Mrs. Helen Burns to the Dallas county Library Board,  a 5 year term. 

Capital citations for service to the County were awarded last night to outgoing county clerk Susie Williams and outgoing assessor Donna Jones. After the awards were received from the Secretary of State's office,  Susie Williams made comments to the court.

Retiring Donna Jones also made comments to the court.

At the conclusion of the meeting, County Collector Brenda Black took to the podium to ask for the Quorum Court's assistance.

Black was told by Quorum Court Finance chairman John Meador and Judge Jimmy Jones the concerns she expressed would be addressed. Black said her phone bill must be paid by the end of the year.