12/14/16   Camden Police Report


Camden police investigated a couple of shoplifting cases at Camden businesses last week. On December 6, Sgt Corey Sanders was dispatched to Sav-A-Lot in reference to a shoplifter. A black female was reported to have left the store without paying. Sanders later located the suspect, Kalimah Shaheed, who was a passenger in a vehicle. Some canned meat identified by the store manager was found in Shaheed's possession. She was booked at the police station and given a court date of January 18. The report indicated Shaheed was not transported to the Oucahita County detention center because she was elderly and required the use of a walker. She was released on her own recognizance.

The other shoplifting report was dated December 8, Camden police officer Anthony Grummer was dispatched to Wal-Mart on a report of a white man, later identified as Johnathon McWilliams, concealing a pocket knife. Wal-Mart prevention agent Blake Mahaffey told Grummer he observed McWilliams conceal a set of headlights in his pocket and took a pocket knife out of its package. McWilliams was seen by Grummer attempting to walk out of the front door at Wal-Mart with an open pocket knife. McWilliams was taken into custody without incident and taken to the police station and charged. The merchandise he took was valued at $139.00, he posted a $400.00 bond, was released and will appear in district  court on March 1