12/14/16   Dallas County Circuit Court


Twenty year old Joseph Imani Deshawn Smith of Fordyce, an intake officer for the Dallas County Detention Center has been charged in Dallas County Circuit court with furnishing, possession or using prohibited articles and delivery of a controlled substance, marijuana.

Smith is accused of selling marijuana to inmates in exchange for cash. He confided in one inmate who told investigators that he, Smith, was making so much money selling drugs, he didn't have to cash his regular pay check. He said he was making $400.00 to $500.00 a week selling in the Detention Center.

The charges against Smith were filed in Dallas County Circuit Court on November 30 by deputy prosecutor Tom Wynne.

57 year old Wilton Randy Stewart of Fordyce on November 11 was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. On November 11,  Fordyce police officer John Cutrell was dispatched to Oakland Cemetery on the report of a man hunting in Mt. Tabor Cemetery. Upon investigation, officer Cutrell discovered Stewart, dressed in hunters orange, standing at the edge of some trees armed with a shotgun. Stewart was advised it's against the law to hunt in the city limits with a firearm.

An ACIC check revealed that Stewart was convicted in 1994 of a charge of felon in possession of a firearm. A warrant for Stewart's arrest was issued on November 15 and he appeared in court the 22nd.  He posted a $10,000.00 bond and his case remanded to circuit court. The filings in court indicated that Stewart will be tried under the habitual criminal statute which allows the judge to hand down more jail time.

On December 9, 47 year old Scotty Warner of Fordyce was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. The charges were filed against Warner on December 3 after a traffic stop by Fordyce police officer Bryce McKinney.

McKinney said in his report that he could smell marijuana on Warner at the time of the stop but Warner was not charged for that. McKinney found a 22 caliber rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun in Warner's vehicle and he was charged for having possession of them.

Warner appeared in court December 6, paid $15,000.00 bail and had his case bound over to circuit court.