12/06/16   Dallas County Jail Employee Charged With Selling Narcotics To Inmates


October 3 Criminal investigator Chance Dodson was contacted by Dallas County Detention Center inmate Paul Dotson, who reported that Detention Center employee Joseph Smith had been selling narcotics to inmates in the jail.

Dotson said Smith told him he doesn't cash his payroll checks because he makes $400.00 to $500.00 a week selling cigarettes and narcotics to inmates. Dotson said he observed Smith put a pack of cigarettes, two cigarillos and a plastic baggie containing marijuana in a foam plate and close the lid which was later delivered to an inmate.

Investigator Dodson and Sheriff McGahee later investigated the claim and two inmates gave statements saying that Smith had sold each of them marijuana and narcotics. Upon questioning Joseph Smith admitted to investigators he had indeed delivered and sold the marijuana to the inmates.