12/07/16   Ouachita County JP's Approve $451,490.00 For Hospital


The Ouachita County Quorum court acted on 7 appropriations ordinance and one resolution at their meeting last night at the Ouachita County Courthouse in Camden.

The JP's passed an ordinance appropriating $451,490.00 dollars from unappropriated anticipated revenue from the Ouachita County Medical Center maintenance and operating budget for miscellaneous use by the hospital.

An ordinance was passed appropriating $2,000.00 from anticipated money from the highway fund to pay for overtime.

Another ordinance passed would appropriate $12,000.00 for overtime in the solid waste department, the funds coming from an unappropriated  Solid Waste balance.

A total of $13,000.00 in funds was appropriated last night from the Sheriff's budget to the jail budget.

$1,500.00 was appropriated for contract labor, the funds coming from unappropriated revenue in the Juvenile Fund.

The operating budget was amended to appropriate $158,338.00 dollars in funds toward other miscellaneous with the funds coming from the  Commissary fund.

The budget for 2017 was circulated to all Ouachita County Quorum Court JP's  last night. The total budget amounts to $3,256,000.00, with $1,600,000.00 unappropriated. Total projected general fund revenues total $3,269,000.00.

Projected revenues for the road fund is $3,024,000.00, with a carry over of $691,000.000.

Projected revenue for the jail operating fund is $3,536,000.00, the Sheriff's budget is $1,367,000.00. The jail budget $1,755,000.00.

Also at last night's Ouachita County Quorum Court meeting JP's confirmed the appointment of members to the Ouachita County Historic Advisory Commission. Those appointed include John Wheeler to a 3 year term. Bill Hawkins to a 3 year term. Mary Bennett, 2 year term, Maye Delaney, 3 year term, Bill Bacon, a 2 year term. Bacon was appointed by Judge McAdoo upon the resignation of Nelda Calley. Becky Davis was appointed to a two year term and Donna Adams a 3 year term.