12/07/16   Bearden District Court


In District Court in Bearden on November 17,  Larichia Canada pled guilty to failure to present registration at the time of a  traffic stop, the judge levied a $120.00 bond.

Anna Cox was ordered by Judge Dan Ives to pay $485.00 on a theft of property charge.

Stephanie Harcrow failed to appear in court on a seat belt violation. Judge Ives set a bond at $245.00 for Harcrow.

Kiayro Holman, charged with driving without insurance and obstruction of government operations was ordered to pay $605.00 after December 15.

Annie Horn failed to appear in court on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license, cash bond of $1,500.00 was set by Judge Ives.

James Ragan, who was charged with not wearing a seat belt and driving on fictitious tags was ordered to pay $265.00, but given credit for public service.

Kenny Rogers, charged with contempt of court and failure to appear, owes $550.00 in fines. A letter has been mailed to Rogers ordering him to appear in district court on December 15.