11/30/16   Dallas County Circuit Court


Forgery in the second degree and charges of theft of property were filed in Dallas County Circuit Court on November 18 by Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tom Wynne of Fordyce, against 32 year old Marquita A. Thrower of Bearden.

July 18 and 22, Thrower entered Chapel Creek convenience store at  Holly Springs and cashed checks for $100.00 and $150.00 dollars respectively. The information filed in court states that the checks belonged to Adrian Madere of Camden who reported to Camden Police on July 24 that she had ordered checks and they were mailed to the wrong address and someone was forging checks. On October 21, Dallas County deputies arrested Thrower and charged her.

November 11, Deputy prosecutor Wynne filed charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia against 20 year old Jarrod Hugh Proffitt of Camden. The charges were filed by Dallas County deputy Coleman on October 21 following a traffic stop and search of Profitt's vehicle.