11/23/16   Ouachita County Circuit Court


A 28 year old Camden man has been charged in Ouachita County Circuit Court in Camden with possession of meth or cocaine, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and  two counts of possession of prescription drugs and disorderly conduct.

On October 5, Camden patrolman Blake Norwood was dispatched to the intersection of 278 and Cash Road in response to a vehicle parked in the road. Upon arrival Norwood found Tavaris J. McKinney asleep behind the wheel of a red Chevy Tahoe. Norwood woke McKinney whose speech was slurred and upon a search of his truck, Norwood discovered a baggie containing cocaine and a Pepsi can with a hidden compartment where the pills were found.

McKinney was taken to the Ouachita County Detention Center and upon a search, more cocaine was found in one of McKinney's socks.

Deputy prosecutor Phillip A. Stone filed charges in circuit court against 34 year old Vernon D. Bass of Camden. Bass was charged with breaking into vehicles on August 20, September 9, September 30 and October 11, and taking various items from each vehicle including a debit card.

In addition to charges of breaking and entering and theft of property, Stone will file to have Bass tried under the habitual offender statute that allows for additional jail time.