11/21/16   Arkansas' Mike Huckabee Contemplates Position In Trump Administration


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee told Newsmax on Friday that he and President-elect Donald Trump are discussing a position in his administration but Huckabee says he's not sure he's the right fit.

Huckabee told Eric Bolling on Fox News that he and Trump had talked about an opportunity but Huckabee declined to elaborate further, saying only that it was “primarily” in the cabinet and in an “advisory” capacity. The Daily Mail and Jerusalem Post reported that Trump had named Huckabee ambassador to Israel, both citing unidentified transitional sources. Huckabee said that was something that was not even discussed. He said it's been all over the news that it was not only discussed but that it was a done deal. Huckabee said where the press comes up with this stuff they only know but he said it was totally manufactured. Not true.