11/16/16   Bearden City Council Discusses New Budget And A Raise For Employees


At Monday night's meeting of the Bearden City Council, Mayor Iva Lou Stoker distributed copies of the 2017 city budget. A couple of the stipulations in the budget the Mayor pointed out was a proposed 03% raise for all full time employees. At that point, councilman Bobby Steelman made a motion that City Clerk Gayle Vaughn be required to attend all city council meetings, the motion passed unanimously. The Mayor said the budget will also reflect a $50.00 per month raise for the court clerk, to $250.00 a month. And the Mayor said she'll also recommend that Mary Anthony, the city's water office clerk get the same insurance benefits all other full time employees are receiving. The budget will be acted on at next month's meeting and finalized in January.

The council also unanimously approved a resolution allowing the city's purchase of a fully equipped used police car for use by the deputy city marshal. The vehicle is a 2014 Dodge charger.

By unanimous decision, the council approved the allocation of $450.00 a year to go toward the support of the Ouachita county extension service. The service has recently undergone operating cuts.

It was reported that the Fall Festival in Bearden on November 5 brought in $354.00 toward purchase of Christmas lights and the Fire Department raised $254.00 in their sale of chili and hot dogs. The chief also reported $640 dollars was raised for the department selling cakes and other food for the political rally held prior to the election at Gazebo Park.

Also at Monday night's city council meeting the Bearden City councilman voted unanimously to re-install speed bumps on Plum Street in the area of the school. Pat Barrett, who resides near the school made the request of the council and described the problem.