11/16/16   Fordyce City Council Approves Subsidy For Ambulance Service


In action at the Fordyce City Council at their November meeting, the council voted to approve a request by Lynn Luscomb, owner of Central Ambulance and Medical service for a monthly subsidy. Luscomb was asking for a subsidy of $2,000.00 a month. The council approved $1,500.00 a month and alderman Robert Williams stipulated that if the ambulance service did not maintain two ambulances for service to Fordyce, the subsidy would be cut. The council approved the request with Williams' stipulation.

At Monday night's Bearden city council meeting, the council gave permission for the Mayor and City Marshall to negotiate a selling price for Bearden's ambulance to the Dallas County Medical Center. Bearden no longer has any EMT's nor ambulance service.

Concerning the issue of Granny's House, Mayor MacNichol's secretary Laney Parham told us the city has not heard back from Barbara Crowder the owner of Granny's House. The committee appointed by Mayor MacNichol and Dallas County Judge Jimmy Jones requested a letter be mailed to Crowder requesting action be taken to clean up the Granny's House property.

Parham indicated Crowder has until November 21st to respond to the city's request before a summons will be delivered to Crowder requesting her presence in district court.