11/03/16   Fordyce Police Blotter


According to Fordyce Police Chief Jimmy Vaughan, Fordyce officers made a total of 9 arrests between October 24 and October 31.

Included in those arrests was Howard Earl Roby of Pine Bluff, arrested on October 29 by officer John Cutrell. Roby was charged with 1st degree assault. Wilton R. Stewart of Fordyce was also charged with 1st degree assault in the same incident.

October 26, officer Charles Still arrested Robert Harrison Bryant of Fordyce and charged him with writing a hot check. Amy Love of Bearden, Darius Matthews of Fordyce and Robert Williams of Leola were charged with failure to pay fines. Keena Taniel Thrower of Fordyce was charged with failure to appear in court.

October 30, Samar Beth Eagen of Fordyce was charged with Shoplifting by officer Roger Wood.