10/28/16   Early Voting Update


Early voting continues in the state until November 7. In Dallas county today, in addition to the voting site at the old post office building downtown Fordyce, voters out in the county can early vote today at the Tulip community building on highway 9 in Tulip. Dallas County Clerk Susie Williams says early voting has been going well.

Williams said, eventually computers may be put to use in the voting process out in the county.

Early voters in Ouachita, Cleveland and Calhoun counties vote at their respective county clerk's office from 8 till 6pm weekdays, 10-4 on Saturday. According to the Cleveland Herald, in Cleveland County, voter turnout was good for early voting with 94 people voting Monday, by the time voting ended on Tuesday 178 people, almost 4 percent of the registered voters in Cleveland county had voted.