10/28/16   Fordyce Police Blotter


On September 26, Fordyce Police charged 51 year old Oscar Edward Moore of Fordyce with driving on a suspended license, driving with no signal lights, hazardous driving, careless and prohibited driving, fleeing, possession of a controlled substance and running a stop sign.

The charges are the result of an incident early in the morning of September 26 when officer Bryce McKinney attempted to stop Moore and he failed to do so, driving down city streets at a high rate of speed attempting to lose the police car. The chase ended up at Leisure Oaks apartment complex where Moore fled from his vehicle. The vehicle was towed and a search of the vehicle uncovered a total of 43 pills including codeine. Moore was finally taken into custody and served a felony warrant at the Dallas County Sheriff's office on October 14.

A Lake Providence, Louisiana man was taken into custody and charged with theft by receiving, driving with no drivers license and improper parking. The charges were filed on October 17 by officer Bryce Mckinney against 31 year old Eddie James McNeil of Lake Providence.

McKinney was dispatched early in the morning on the 17th to the area of highway 79 around the South Junction on a report of a vehicle blocking a lane of traffic with just its park lights on.

An investigation revealed a vehicle with U.S. Postal markings on its back, the driver asleep behind the wheel with his pants pulled down to his knees. When McNeil was finally woke up McKinney began to question him. A check on McNeil revealed he did not have a drivers license and the vehicle belonged to a woman in Lake Providence.

Further investigation by Lake Providence Police indicated that McNeil had not only stolen the vehicle but had also broken into the woman's house and another home in the same area and there was video footage to prove it.

Extradition proceedings were initiated by Lake Providence Police where he will be charged with One count of grand theft auto and two counts of residential burglary.