10/18/16   Dallas County Man Faces Felony Firearms Charges


On September 6, Dallas County Chief Deputy Josh McMullen and investigator Dodson were dispatched to 311 South Willow in Carthage in reference to a domestic dispute between 30 year old Terrance Smith and his girl friend. According to the report, Smith's mother said her soon had a handgun and was threatening his girl friend. Officers took Smith into custody.

Officers searching the yard found a fully loaded 45 caliber hand gun in full view in a shed behind the house. They also found a bag full of 45 caliber ammo on Smith's bed.

A check on Smith's record revealed he was a convicted felon on a drug charge and was on parole. Smith told officers he bought the gun in 2014 and was aware that the serial numbers had been removed. Smith was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a defaced firearm.

Smith made his first court appearance in District Court on September 8..