10/11/16   Fordyce City Council Meets Tonight


The Fordyce City Council will meet for their regular monthly meeting this evening at 6pm at council chambers at City Hall. One item of business the council will take up is a request by Lynn Luscomb, owner of Central Ambulance and Medical Service in Fordyce.

Luscomb is asking for a total subsidy for the ambulance service of $6,000.00 a month, to be divided between Dallas County, the city of Fordyce and the Dallas County Medical Center. Luscomb says she has had as many as 14 employees, full and part time, but due to lack of income, she's had to cut employment to 8 employees, full and part time.

She says the run volume in Fordyce and Dallas County fluctuates so greatly she cannot afford to keep extra crews on the payroll. Call volume for the ambulance service averages 70 calls a month, that's 911 and transfers to other hospitals combined. Luscomb says if she doesn't get some assistance, she's projecting only being able to hold on for another five to six months.