10/04/16   Dallas County Circuit Court


Charges were filed September 20 in Dallas County Circuit Court against 19 year old Michael Alexander Moffett. On August 10, Moffett was caught in the Dallas County Detention Center by Deputy Todd Cartwright with a cell phone and charger. Further investigation revealed that Moffett also brought marijuana into the Detention Center and smoked it.

Moffett was a trustee at the time and had access to the outside to a dumpster where some marijuana had been dropped by someone from the outside. Moffett was booked into the Detention Center on June 20 on a commercial burglary charge. He was charged with possession or using a prohibited article.

Charges of possession of a firearm by a felon and defacing a firearm were filed in Dallas County Circuit Court against 30 year old Terrance D. Smith. The  charges stem from an incident involving Smith's girl friend who alleges that Smith threatened her with a hand gun. Upon investigation, it was discovered the gun had been defaced.