10/05/16   Committee Will Ask Ford And Crowder To Attend Next Meeting On Granny's House


The committee chosen by Fordyce Mayor John MacNichol and Dallas County Judge Jimmy Jones to discuss the clean up of the Granny's House site in Fordyce met for the first time yesterday at Fordyce City Hall.

After considerable discussion on how to move forward, the chairman of the committee, John Daniel told the group what he thought the first step should be.

The committee agreed with Daniel's suggestion of what the first step in resolving the matter should be. City-County Attorney Tom Wynne was asked to compose a letter to be sent to former Dallas County Sheriff Donny Ford and Barbara Crowder, the owner of Granny's House, asking them to appear before the committee to answer questions about what transpired after the closing of the facility and who was responsible for taking things of value from the building.

Wynne said a letter would be in the mail today to Ford and Crowder. The next meeting of the committee will be Wednesday October 12 at 5pm at City Hall.

All the people chosen to serve on the committee were present at yesterday's meeting.