09/28/16   Ouachita County Circuit Court


This past Wednesday, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the 13th Judicial District, R. Jeffrey Sawyer filed criminal charges against 29 year old Rachel Ann Rowlett of Camden. On July 3, Rowlett was charged by police with financial identity fraud, fraudulent of a credit card and theft of property.

On August 16, JoAnn Newcomb, the grandmother of Rowlett reported to Camden police that sometime during the night of August 15, her grand daughter had taken her car without permission. She said she also discovered that Rowlett had opened an account with Discover card using Newcomb's name, and Newcomb said she received a bill in the mail for over $11,000.00. Following her arrest Rowlett confessed to investigators she had done those things and said she had a drug problem. Rowlett used the card for several purchases at Wal-Mart and withdrew money from an ATM to buy meth.

Tina Sample of Sparkman pled not guilty to a charge of theft of property. The case was reset for Oct 20.

John Williams of Bearden pled guilty to a charge of possession of marijuana. Williams was fined $810.00 by Judge Ives.