09/28/16   Bearden District Court


There was a double case load waiting for District Judge Dan Ives in Bearden District Court on September 22, since Ives had to postpone court last month. Appearing before the judge was Brandy Walters of Bearden, charged with curfew violation, failure to appear in court and obstructing government operations. She was ordered to pay $85.00 on the curfew violation, $250.00 on failure to appear charge and $260.00 for the obstruction charge. The judge gave her credit for time spent in jail.

Linda Warnack of Bearden, charged with criminal trespass, pled not guilty and her case was scheduled for October 20.

Veronique McDaniel of Bearden, was ordered to pay $170.00 fine and court costs on a disorderly conduct charge, she was allowed to pay the fines on time.

Tony Alves of Fayetteville had a warrant for his arrest sworn out on September 22 on a 3rd degree assault charge. In that same case, Seth Word and Tanner Word of Bearden were both charged following an altercation between the three. Seth Word was arrested on February 11 and charged with 1st degree assault, criminal trespass and 3rd degree battery. He was ordered to pay $1,455.00. Tanner was charged with criminal trespass and ordered to pay $315.00 by the court.

Heather Benitez of Bearden, charged for driving on a suspended license had her case rescheduled for Oct 20.

Parrish Brooks of Stephens was fined in district court $195.00 for driving on a suspended license and $120.00 for disobeying a traffic signal.

Marcus Brown of Thornton, who failed to appear on a speeding violation had a cash bond of $500.00 dollars filed against him.

Mynor Garcia of Hampton was ordered to pay $345.00 for second offense for failure to have liability insurance and $120.00 for failure to pay registration on his vehicle.

Melissa King of Camden failed to appear in court on a charge of driving on a suspended license, she had a $500.00 cash bond filed against her.

Gary Nash of Bearden did not appear in court on charges of driving on a suspended license, the judge set his cash bond at $750.00 and $1,000.00 bond for failure to appear on a charge of drinking alcoholic beverages on the highway.

Chris Peebles of Fordyce did not appear in court on a contempt charge. The judge set his bond at $500.00.

Tina Sample of Sparkman pled not guilty to a charge of theft of property. The case was reset for Oct 20.

John Williams of Bearden pled guilty to a charge of possession of marijuana. Williams was fined $810.00 by Judge Ives.