09/21/16   Two Dallas Count Residents Face Arson Charges


38 year old Jason Scott Poole of Fordyce and Stephan Chadwick of Sparkman have been charged in Dallas County Circuit Court with arson in a house burning in Fordyce on August 10.

According to information filed in court by Deputy Prosecutor Tom Wynne,  Fordyce police were called early in the morning on August 10 to 3267 Highway 167 North in response to an arson report. The residence was completely destroyed.

The report states that Jason Poole was renting the house that belonged to Tommy Russell Sr. When Poole and Chadwick were stopped by Fordyce police and taken to the Dallas County Detention center they confessed to shooting up on meth for three or four days and pouring an accelerant on the inside of the door to the house and on a wall and lighting it on fire, and standing out on the front lawn watching it burn before they fled the scene.

In addition to the arson charge, Poole will be tried under the habitual criminal offender law that allows the judge to hand down more jail time. He'll appear in Circuit Court this morning at 9. Chadwick, also charged with arson will also appear in court at 9 this morning.