09/13/16   Chambersville Water Recipients Asked To Conserve Water Wednesday


The city of Thornton is continuing with the installation of their new water system. The workers are currently installing new service in the Chambersville area. On Wednesday the main that feeds water to the water tower at Chambersville will be shut off for approximately 4 to 5 hours to allow the construction workers to tie the newly constructed main to the Chambersville water tank.

Thornton Mayor Libby Coates, has asked Chambersville customers to be conservative with water usage on Wednesday. The mayor said "If everyone on the Chambersville System will use water sparingly on Wednesday there should be enough to go around during 4 to 5 hour switch over".  On Wednesday those who receive water from the Chambersville Tower will still have water but water pressure will be reduced during the switchover.

Once again those connected to the Chambersville water tower are asked to use water sparingly this Wednesday.