08/31/16   Over The Court And Through The Council To Grandma's House We Go


There was much discussion at last night's Dallas County Quorum Court meeting concerning the disposition of Grandma's House, an old nursing home that was converted to home foster kids. The facility closed some years back and the property is in limbo and disrepair and the neighbors have been complaining to Fordyce Mayor John McNichol and the councilmen, trying to get the mess cleaned up. The JP's listened last night as attorney Tom Wynne advised them on action that should be taken., but that's all the JP's did, was listen, no action was taken at the meeting. Attorney Tom Wynne says it appears to him that the non-profit still owns the property..

According to Randall Jones, the brother of the owner of the property, the building has been gutted of copper wire and other things of value. Wynne commented about the loss of property value due to the apparent theft of things in the building.

It's been estimated it would cost $100,000.00 for clean up of the property. We asked County Judge Jimmy Jones for his reaction to the meeting.

Mayor John McNichol says he's kind of frustrated with the result of last night's meeting.

McNichol further commented.

According to the Mayor, the problem started when the owner of the property deeded the property over to the county but the Sheriff at the time, Donny Ford did not get the paperwork filed.