08/31/16   Dallas County Circuit Court


Four criminal cases were filed in Dallas County Circuit Court on August 24, by Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tom Wynne of Fordyce.

Charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia were filed against 27 year old Mario Markel Hampton of Leisure Oaks apartments. According to information filed with the charges, Fordyce police officer Bryce Mckinney was on patrol, driving through the area when he spotted Hampton holding what looked like a rifle. Hampton was ordered to drop the gun and told McKinney it was only a BB gun. Hampton did drop the gun and it turned out to be a BB gun. When Hampton was searched, McKinney found meth and drug paraphernalia. Hampton was arrested and charged.

32 year old Marquita A. Thrower of Bearden was charged by the prosecutor's office with possession of Xanax with intent to deliver and driving on a suspended license. Thrower was busted by Dallas County deputies on July 22 at a Holly Springs business as she exchanged the Xanax for cash, a buy set up by the Dallas County Sheriff's office using an informant.

35 year old Roshar Lamar Ross of Fordyce has been charged in Dallas County Circuit Court with simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of meth with the purpose to deliver, possession of cocaine with the purpose to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and 3rd degree assault. On July 6, Dallas County deputies were called to Idaho Timber Company at Carthage on an assault report. When deputies arrived they were told that Ross had struck Larry Halman, a team leader, in the face causing serious injury. Ross became combative during questioning and officers had to use pepper spray to bring him into custody. Upon a search of Ross' belongings they found a fully loaded hand gun and drugs in a lunch box. Ross was taken into custody and charged.

39 year old Jessica S. Cook of El Dorado was charged in circuit court with  possession of meth with the purpose to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia. The charges date back to June 26, following a traffic stop on west 4th in Fordyce. The prosecutor's office has indicated it will seek to have Cook tried under the habitual criminal statute which allows the presiding judge to hand down more jail time.