08/30/16   Westerman-Boozman Seed 2 Sawmill Tour


Today is the day that 4th District Congressman Bruce Westerman joins Senator John Boozman for the Seed 2 Sawmill Tour through south Arkansas to promote forest health and tout the economic benefits of forestry in the Natural State.

Westerman stated in his newsletter that trees are America's number one renewable resource. Health forests provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreational opportunities and beautiful vistas. But healthy forests don't just happen. A wide range of professionals from research scientists and foresters to technicians, loggers, machinery operators and the remaining 28-thousand Arkansans employed in forestry and its related mills and processing facilities all play a key part in health forests in the Natural State.

According to the Arkansas Forestry Association, 28,057 Arkansans are directly employed in the forestry and forest products industry with an average income of more than $49,000.00. The total economic impact of forestry to the state of Arkansas is 3.2 billion dollars.

During the Seed 2 Sawmill tour, the two lawmakers will explore forestry from the birth of a tree through its lifecycle, including its use in forest products such as paper and building materials. The tour will also feature proper forest management and the positive environmental impacts achieved through conservation efforts.