08/22/16   Congressman Boozman To Begin Three Day Forestry Tour


Fourth District Congressman Bruce Westerman and Senator John Boozman are launching a forestry tour on August 30.  Westerman says in this 3 day tour, various sites around Arkansas' timber rich 4th Congressional District will be visited, including a seedling nursery, working private forests, a wide variety of state-of-the-art processing facilities and a U.S. Forest Service research forest.

There will be discussion on forestry's impact on the environment and on families, the community and state. The lawmakers will also discuss how federal legislation can be implemented so Arkansas forestry can stay competitive in a global marketplace. Arkansas forestry has a total economic of 3.2-billion-dollars annually with wages averaging $49,000.00 a year.

According to information supplied by Westerman there are at least 40 wood products manufacturing facilities in the state producing lumber, plywood and other engineered wood products.