08/17/16   Charges Filed In Ouachita County Circuit Court


Several criminal charges have been filed in Ouachita County Circuit court by the Prosecuting Attorney's office. On August 5, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney R. Jeffrey Sawyer filed charges against 23 year old Shanitha A. Barker of Camden. Barker was charged with commercial burglary and theft of property. On June 16, Camden police got a call from Taco Bell manager Tyronda Clark stating that the business had been broken into and money taken from the safe. Clark told investigators that a key had been used to gain entrance to the business and only managers have keys. She said Barker was recently fired from her job as manager and refused to turn in her key and combination for the safe. Surveillance video shows a female wearing gloves and a bandana coming to the front door of the business, going directly to the office and opening the safe. Barker told investigators a friend convinced her that Taco Bell had treated her wrong and she should steal from them. Barker said her friend spent all the money paying bills.

52 year old Michael Dean of Bearden has been charged in Ouachita County Circuit Court with 2nd degree battery and disorderly conduct. The charges come as the result of a family disturbance on June 16th at the Jose residence on North Cedar.

21 year old Justin M. Henderson of Camden has been charged with 2nd degree battery and aggravated assault for an incident that occurred on June 16 at a Camden residence where he rented a room. According to the police report filed with the Prosecutor's report, 72 year old Jesse McDonald told Henderson to pull his pants up, Henderson took offense and attempted to choke McDonald and slammed a door on McDonald's head. Henderson rented a room at McDonald's residence.

18 year old Jatarius Jamal Dennis of Camden has had rape charges filed against him and charges of sexual indecency with a child. According to information filed in court by the Deputy Prosecutor Phillip A. Stone on August 11, the incidents occurred between March 6 and May 20 of this year.

42 year old Christi Lyne Olver of Bearden has been charged in court with possession of a controlled substance, meth or cocaine. She was arrested by Bearden Police on July 8 and charged.

On August 11th, Deputy Prosecutor R. Jeffrey Sawyer filed charges against 26 year old Edward Alan Pennington of Camden. Pennington was charged in the residential burglary of a home on Ouachita 296. The home belonged to Terrell Newton who told investigators from the Ouachita County Sheriff's office that he had been away from the home and returned to find the residence had been broken into and several items taken. Pennington's room mate reported that Pennington had in his possession several items that didn't belong to him. Pennington was arrested and charged with residential burglary and theft of property. Newton estimated his loss in the break in at $8,600.00.